Hello darlings, I am Shaylan.

Georgia based and beyond | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

My name is Shaylan. I have a heart to serve and a love of creating beautiful things.

When it comes to photography, there are many different genre’s that I’ve tried, but weddings are just my JAM! Connections with my couples is what I seek the most. And when I see you on your wedding day, I want to feel like more than your photographer. I’m your friend. And I’m here for you each step

What makes me Different From other Photographers?

When you are looking for your photographer, you may ask yourself what makes this person different from the next? Well, I can tell you why I’m different. I like to think that my brides are my sisters that I hadn’t met before but I know they’re going to need me especially for their special day. I know they’re gonna need me when something isn’t in place. I know they’re going to need me when they can’t find their coordinator I know they’re gonna need me when they have to go and pee and don’t know who’s going to help them lift up their dress. When you’re looking to hire a photographer, you don’t just want to hire another vendor, you want to hire someone who will be your friend who will help you through the process, as well as give you a little bit of insight of how your wedding is supposed to go. When you choose me, you choose a confidante.

So, let me join as wild ride with you



“Shaylan was extremely accommodating and did such a great job with our photos! She even helped setup prior to the wedding which was so helpful. If you're looking for a talented and friendly photographer, then look no further”

“Shaylan is nothing short of amazing. She consistently went above and beyond in helping me with my timeline, to reminding me of little details I wouldn’t have remembered, and asking all the questions to make sure all bases were covered going into wedding weekend. She stuck to the timeline and we were even ahead of schedule on my wedding day! Will definitely be using Blooming Oak again in the future!”

“" I googled photographers for the area we were going to have the wedding. In speaking with Shaylan, I learned we had a lot of life similarities. I also could feel her love for photography… “not a job,” but an art that she enjoys.
When we met she was all I expected and more. She was kind, sweet, exuberant, excited and full of energy. If you’re looking for a top notch photographer, contact Shaylan at Blooming Oak Photography."”